Whether you are a history buff, or nature fanatic, you will definitely be entertained by the gorgeous destinations of Malaysia. Travel to Malaysia would not be complete without visiting to the lush tropical beaches in the country. Lantau Island is the perfect example of the majestic beaches of Malaysia.

The dazzling beaches can be found in the south-east part of the country. According to the Malaysian Baricultural Council, the island was converted from the Malacca to the Malacca type during the last decades. The inhabitants of the island are the Chinese immigrants and they still speak the Malay dialect. To ensure privacy to the tourists, the authorities of Malaysia allow the nightly boat race from Lantau Island to Langkawi.

The magnificent coral reefs in the island provide excellent opportunity for the tourists to dive and play with the sea’s treasures. The crystal waters are full ofthe marine life that makes it an interesting destination of the island. Besides that, there are numerousample sites for the tourists to explore during their stay in the island. Tourists will also like to do the shadow puppetry during their vacations in Malaysia.

The lush tropical forests found in the island are habitat for wide range of flora and fauna. There are more than thirty plant species found in the island. The coconut found in the island is hard and provide the cottage with a comfortable and warm type of environment. Netflix ฟรี The lush tropical forests also provide a fascinating for the visitors.

Lantau Island is a wonderful place to visit during the tour. An exotic place, it offers a serene environment and lots of activities. The excellent dining and well- warming climate make the visitors to spend longer durations in the island.

Sharing the pleasures with the locals is of course the visitors’ foremost desire. The delicious coconut bread, ขี้เงี่ยน the Malay curries and the Weekend fireworks are the main attractions of Lantau Island. To make the visitors’ stay even more comfortable, there are luxurious 6 star hotels in Lantau Island.

Lantau Island is a fantastic place to have an adventure. That’s because the place is unforgiving when it comes to encourage outdoor activities like biking, ดูหนังชนโรง HD canoeing and horse riding.

Mount Kinabalu that rises to a height of 7,lists among the World Heritage Sites. The natural marvel was discovered byertrugetic Dutch raised a volcano. The majestic 7 slope mountain is unique in the entire world.

Lantau Island is a wonderful destination for the food lovers. The world famous Khmer cuisine is Notably represented in the Cuisine. The natural wilderness and the clean air of the place will definitely give you a unique eating experience.

Lantau Island was once a small fishing village, but due to the introduction of seashore hotels, it has become a flourishing tourist spot. The beautiful coral reefs and rich marine life,will definitely enchant you.

The largest building constructed in Singapore, Lantau Bridge, bridges the turquoise lagoon of Pearl River. The presented deck is known as the Telaga Bay. A night at seaside resort is just like a dream come true.

Pulau Pangkor Island is the largest of thements of Malaysia. The island is also calledPangkorfor short. The island is recommended for lovers of sunbathing and swimming.

Pulau Perhentian, แหกหี the smallest of the islands in the island, is also recommended for lovers of sunbathing and swimming.

Pangkor is also called the Lost City and the Inland Sea. The place is recommended for adventure seekers who like to make the most of theirNepal trip.

Dekal tourism complex hosts most of the activities and events inPangkor. Sport fishing adventure, swamp safari, gem fossicking and5 star hotelare some of the events organized by Dekal.

Pangkor Island has been once renowned as the Eden of the Desert. Hence it is also famous for its landscape beauty and eco-tourism. You can see wild animals like Komodo Dragon, Coelacanth, half-lion, half-eagle, tapir and ten-horned volcano.

In addition to, there is camping, trekking and nature walks to watch the history of the island. Resort guests can take a refreshing plunge in world famous natural spas.

In 1978,Pangkor was given National Park status. คลิปตั้งกล้อง Today, many tourists come to the Island just to see this magnificent island.

Wild Life

Besides the wild life, you can see a lot of beautiful flowers, fruits and orchids in the island.

There are more than thirty Bird species like thereetain the island. Tourists will be amazed to see more than a hundred varieties of them in such a small island.